Billing for Cloud Servers

Cloud Server instances are billed on a post paid billing model. This means you will be billed for the instances at the end of the month, according to your usage.

  • The invoice for your Cloud Server instances will be generated on 1st of every month.

  • The system will attempt to automatically settle the invoice using the card on file.

  • If the invoice cannot be settled using the card, the system will use the debit account balance to settle the invoice.

  • In case the debit account balance is insufficient to settle the invoice, you must manually settle the pending invoice within 15 days, post which all Cloud Server instances will be suspended and you would not be able to create more instances.

  • In case the invoice is not settled within 15 days post suspension, all Cloud Server instances will be deleted and the pending invoice will be marked as a greedy invoice.


How do I view/manage my saved cards?


Step 1: Log in to your control panel. Learn how.



Step 2: Navigate to the Manage Cards page.


  • In the Menu, navigate to Settings and click on Manage Products and Pricing.

  • Click on the Cloud Servers link.

  • Click on Manage Cards to view your saved cards.



  • You need to have at least one saved card.

  • It is recommend that you always save a valid card on file for uninterrupted services.